Roller Correlator

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UHMW Cover for Correlator Guide Rail

Each rail requires 8 covers (16 for both sides); 2-1/2" ID

UHMW Cover for Correlator Guide Rail - Old Style

UHMW Cover each, Requires (8) per Guide Rail, (16) Total for Both Guide Rails, 2" ID.

LG Shaft 3/4" x 42" for Roller Correlator

UHMW Bushings not Included

Roller Correlator Guide Rail

2-1/2" Stainless Steel pipe x 39-1/2" long; directs tires toward the conveyor; can be outfitted with UHMW covers to further protect tires. Buy 2 for a set.

UHMW Bushing

2-3/4" OD (for Sch 10 Pipe) or 2-1/2" OD (for Sch 40 Pipe) x 2-1/4" LENGTH (3/4" ID)