Roller Correlator, Model RC3

The AVW Roller Correlator's job is to align car tires to the conveyor. It is constructed of high grade Stainless Steel and durable UHMW for minimal friction and metal-to-metal contact.  The simple design fits most existing frames, but is also customizable.  No screws, bolts, springs, pins, or grease fittings.  Rollers lift out for easy replacement and cleaning.



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Guide Rail Holder (Bracket w/Collar)

Part of Correlator Assembly Holds Guide Rail Roller in place

LG Shaft 3/4" x 42" for Roller Correlator

UHMW Bushings not Included

UHMW Bushing

2-3/4" OD (for Sch 10 Pipe) or 2-1/2" OD (for Sch 40 Pipe) x 2-1/4" LENGTH (3/4" ID)